born 1990 in stockholm, by a swedish mother & french father, I moved from stockholm to france at the age of 18. I have been based in paris since, working not only as an artist but also within the art sector and with social issues, particularly with refugees, which refers to my initial intention of studying international law and human rights. 

alongside my childhood phantoms & the chaotic balance found in my dreams, I attempt to deliver a lucid perspective without concession of my education, my desires, life & light. timeless & surrealistic family relationships & an equally painful & comical everyday life are depicted through a widely assumed & claimed feminism. using graphite pencils, I tackle the approached themes, which are softened with dreamlike landscapes reminiscent from my early years in sweden. I seek a way beyond words that can explain my truth without limiting it, so that my truth can be shared with the truth of others. the languages ith which I have learned to express myself are a historical, cultural and universal agreement that I have never accepted. when I free myself from language and words, I also free myself from definitions that make it impossible to find freedom. by kidnapping my spectators to my dimension of truth, I invite them to observe the beauty emerged by emotions. my drawings are the result of this endless quest.




2018 _ solo show at l'artichaut studio, bruxelles
2018 _ solo show at konst-ig, stockholm
2018 _  "bright", group show wi/ philippe dupuis at galerie arts factory, paris
2017 _ "be quiet when the light is present", solo show at gallery la ligne bleue, carsac (fr)
2017 _ "daydream", group show w/ marie-pierre brunel & wataru kasahara at gallery arts factory, paris (fr)
2015 _ "viens", group show w/ ragnar persson & loulou picasso at gallery arts factory, paris (fr)









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